About Us

The Al Otaiba family has a long history dating back over 150 years running successful businesses in Abu Dhabi. As a prominent Abu Dhabi family, it has served the country in the private sector as well as in the government.

Al Otaiba Enterprises LLC was set up as an independent holding company in the year 2000. We, at Al Otaiba Enterprises, are a group of companies that strive to continuously innovate in the UAE’s real estate sector, among others. We have the vision of being a market leader in industrial real estate projects. Our mission is to develop quality real estate projects aimed at the industrial and commercial sectors. We own subsidiaries that provide many real-estate related services including facility management, commercial cleaning services, construction, and advertisement. We also have a subsidiary company that provides industrial laundry services. Moreover, a company for cleaning and restoring couture and high-end brands.

Our services meet the needs of various clients from contractors, hotels, commercial companies and airlines, as well as educational institutions.

Our ambition in the beginning was to bring innovation to the real estate sector in the UAE, and now we seek to expand into a number of sectors by exploring new opportunities.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the group has 100% UAE ownership.